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Project for excellence and high precision…..am sure it will go a long way……

360 degrees eye care. This was missing in the suburbs. Kudos to Dr.Swapnesh Sawant for this initiative!!

Excellent Care taken by Dr. Sawant. Hygiene and Housekeeping in the Hospital needs to be appreciated.

Protect your eye

“Eye care is a responsibility to be taken very seriously to provide optimal and consistent treatment outcomes”
– Dr. Swapnesh Sawant

• AMO Lasik Excimer Laser (USA)
• AMO Idesign Aberrometer (USA)
• Sirius Topography with Scheimpflug Camera (Germany)
• Zeiss Fr Pro Microscope (Germany)
• Alcon Constellation Vitrectomy (USA)

Eyes are god’s gift to us to behold the magnificent universe, which he created. To see is the most superior and sacred sense out of all sense a human being has. Care for your eyes as a part of routine and also by making eye check-up a part of your schedule… We are happy to share some eye-care tips. Do visit our Information section & Eye-care tips section

After cracking the 12th boards with 97% PCB and 175th rank in MHCET, he entered MBBS at Topiwala National Medical College, Nair hospital in 1999. Distinctions in biochemistry ENT, ophthalmology and general surgery marked his graduation years and he completed my internship in 2005…

Know more about  Dr. Swapnesh Sawant, the Brain behind Anideep.

  • Dr. Shashi Kapoor
  • Dr. Subramanium Sharma
  • Dr. Yogesh Shah
  • Dr. Janak Shah
  • Dr. Preeti Shah
  • Dr. Sangeeta Raut
  • Dr. Nilesh Panchal
  • Dr. Kareeshma Wadia
  • Dr. Suvira Jain
  • Dr. Anand Raut
  • Dr. Girish Herekar
  • Dr. Hardik Parikh
  • Dr. Nikhil Nasta
  • Dr. Sheetal Saraf

Services at Anideep EyeCare Hospital

Cataract; Lasik Surgery; Retinal Detachment;
Hypertension Retina Disease; Diabetic Retina Disease

The place for Your Eye Care

The-place-for-Your-Eye-CareEyes are our greatest gift. We know the difference that eyesight makes to your world. Without eyes, our world would seem incomplete. We experience 80% of the world through our eyes. Which is why, we at Anideep Eye Hospital and Institute Pvt. Ltd. have dedicated 7 floors to nothing but eye care. With best-in-class infrastructure and equipment from around the world to offer you the best. Supported by some of the finest doctors and patient-friendly services to make your life easier. Drop in for an eye check-up today.

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Visionary Dr. Swapnesh…

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